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Jacquee Porter

Aicha Gueye

Office & Program Assistant

Stephanie plays a pivotal role at Save Girls On F.Y.E.R. (SGOF), where she is entrusted with evaluating the effectiveness of their programs. Her responsibilities include developing comprehensive impact reports that not only inform the community, partners, and donors about the organization's successes but also ensure the continual improvement and funding of these vital initiatives through her grant writing expertise.


Stephanie's dedication to SGOF is deeply personal; she sees her work as a tribute to the young girl she once was, who longed for the very mentorship SGOF provides.


This connection fuels her commitment to ensuring the organization's programs leave a lasting impact, making her an invaluable asset to the team and the community it serves.

Fun Fact: I love picking up junk on the side of the road and turning it into treasure.

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